Your online rental property managment portal

Unlock seamless property and tenant management with our all-in-one platform! Effortlessly manage all aspects of your rental properties from a single, convenient location.

Feature 01

Issue Tracker

Efficiently monitor property issues and utilize our user-friendly tool to categorize them as either 'in-progress' or 'completed,' streamlining the management process with ease.

Feature 02

Message center

Utilize our internal messaging system to effortlessly monitor communications between you and your tenants. Benefit from an integrated email system that enables you to track all correspondence sent to your tenants, ensuring efficient communication management.

Feature 03

Document center

Say goodbye to paper clutter! Our system empowers you to digitize your documentation effortlessly. Upload property contracts and receipts for expenses, ensuring a streamlined and organized record-keeping process.

Feature 04

Expense tracker

Maintain a detailed record of your property expenses, including significant purchases like a new washing machine. This information will seamlessly integrate into your income and expenditure tracker, providing you with a comprehensive overview to anticipate year-end financial outcomes.

Feature 05

Accounting software integrations

Effortlessly synchronize with leading accounting platforms such as Xero and QuickBooks. Seamlessly transfer your data to your preferred accounting software or export it in a convenient CSV format

Feature 06

Traffic light system

Simple easy and clear traffic light system so you know at first glance that something needs your attention.

Our plans

Enjoy complete system access with any of our plans, each accompanied by a complimentary 3-Month trial. If you find our services don't meet your expectations, feel free to cancel before making any payments. The first 20 customers will get 15% off using the coupon:FIRST20


For individual private landlords with small portfolios
  • Up to 3 properties
  • £3.99 for each additional properties


For landlords with medium sized portfolios
  • Up to 10 properties
  • £1.30 for each additional properties


For businesses with large portfolios
  • Up to 20 properties
  • £0.99 for each additional properties

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